How To: Taking Care of a Stitch

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to care for your very own Stitch, whether it be a stuffed animal or a pet dog, this is the how to guide for you! Here I will teach you the basics for taking care of and caring for your own lovable fur ball!

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A Review: Leroy & Stitch

We all agree that the original Lilo & Stitch is absolutely amazing, right? Right. But what about the other movies? There was Stitch!, the movie that acted as the pilot for the TV series. Lilo & Stitch: Stitch Has a Glitch was a masterpiece that made me cry. The latest movie, Leroy & Stitch, was a mix of that amazing-ness the first movie had with a bit of meh. So, here’s my review on the last movie of the franchise!

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Cousins, Cousins, Cousins!

We all know Stitch and his relationship to Lilo. But what about the other 625? The TV series Lilo & Stitch: The Series focused on the other 625 experiments that were made by Jumba before Stitch. Each of them have different appearances and different abilities, making them unique in their own way. In the series, Lilo & Stitch spend their days tracking down the other experiments all over Hawaii to turn them from bad to good and to find their one true place. Here’s a glimpse of some facts about those other 625:

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13 Reasons Why Stitch is Like a Younger Brother

So we all know how great Lilo and Stitch are as friends. They’re amazing. As a kid, they were the greatest of friend goals out there. However, looking back on it now, I notice a lot of qualities in their relationship that are similar to how my brother and I act even today. Any girl, or even guy, with a younger brother can relate to these reasons why Stitch represents that younger sibling.

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