About the Blog

Experiment 626 is a blog created to let people know more about Stitch. It’s made so that people can learn about his history as a character and how he was created. His character sketches, influences on other movies, and also his voice actor are all important factors in how Stitch is an amazing character. This blog will focus on different aspects of Stitch, allowing readers to learn more about the lovable alien.


A Note from the Author

Hello, Kaity D here!stitch-lick I’ve been a fan of Stitch since the movie came out in 2002. I was only six years old, but even then I was in love with the character. I would make my younger brother roleplay as Lilo while I crawled around like Stitch, imitating his voice. I’ve seen the original movie too many times to count and each week I never missed a single episode of the TV show. I own four versions of a Stitch plush and I even have a couple Stitch themed coffee mugs! He’s by far my all time favorite Disney character and I’m sure he’ll continue to be for a very long time! Feel free to contact me if you want to learn more about Stitch!