How To: Taking Care of a Stitch

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to care for your very own Stitch, whether it be a stuffed animal or a pet dog, this is the how to guide for you! Here I will teach you the basics for taking care of and caring for your own lovable fur ball!

Materials you might need:

  1. A lovable puppy
  2. Yourself


Step 1: Give Them a Name!


Names are essential for taking care of brand new pets. It’s how you get their attention, i.e. how you get them to come to you so you can snuggle with them. Of course, there’s the normal way by naming your new pet something common like Spot or Bailey. Just remember: it’s always fun to name your pets something that is very unique (like Stitch). Doing so will make them even more special to you! 

Step 2: Touring the New Home! –>

Naming | Tour | Bedding | Toys | Training | Discovery | Protection | Love


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