A Review: Leroy & Stitch

We all agree that the original Lilo & Stitch is absolutely amazing, right? Right. But what about the other movies? There was Stitch!, the movie that acted as the pilot for the TV series. Lilo & Stitch: Stitch Has a Glitch was a masterpiece that made me cry. The latest movie, Leroy & Stitch, was a mix of that amazing-ness the first movie had with a bit of meh. So, here’s my review on the last movie of the franchise!


The grading scale will be as follows:

The lower the red line, the greater the “goodness” is.


The higher the red line is, the greater the “badness” is.badness

Individual Categories


Personally, I thought the story was pretty great. I enjoyed that the writers gave Stitch, Jumba, and Pleakley their dream jobs, leaving Lilo once again alone on Earth.  Then Gantu gets up to his evil tricks again. He breaks Dr. Hamsterviel out of prison and they force Jumba to create an evil version of Stitch named Leroy. They quickly send Stitch, Jumba, and Pleakley on a one way trip to a black hole, meanwhile Leroy is to go back to Earth to capture all 625 experiments. Dr. Hamsterviel planned to destroy all the experiments, but Lilo and Stitch show up just in time. Stitch rallies his cousins and they fight against an army of Leroy’s. When the good team starts to lose, Jumba remembers that if Leroy hears Elvis’s song “Aloha ‘Oe”, he’ll deactivate. So they play the song, defeat the Leroy’s, and are honored as “Heroes of the Alliance”. I enjoyed the story of an evil stitch, with Dr. Hamsterviel’s last attempt to collect all the cousins. It was a nice finale.


This movie did not have the finest animation at all. Especially compared to the original, this one lacked so much. Of course, what direct-to-tv sequel is as good as the original? Exactly, almost none. I mean, in the final fight scene, the animators got lazy. They made duplicates of Stitch’s cousins and recolored them. Boom! New cousin. Ez-pz. Even when you’re not looking for it, it’s pretty easy to see. So that’s why I didn’t rate the animation so high. It wasn’t to my tastes much.


SO, in terms of villains, Dr. Hamsterviel has never been my favorite. He’s whiny and overall pretty annoying. Sure, the short jokes are great, but that’s about it. It’s pretty hard to make him seem as evil as they say he is when his personality is so bleh. But Leroy was amazing. He was practically a sarcastic, evil version of Stitch. Who doesn’t love a good villain that’s a clone of the main protagonist? Those are some of the best villains out there.


Like mentioned above, the animators got lazy when animating the cousins in this movie. Despite that, it was still nice to see all 625 cousins working together to defeat their evil new cousin’s clone army. It was great to see the accomplishments of the entire TV series arrive at one spot with all the different aliens with their different powers. Definitely interesting and cool to see if nothing else.


So, looking from the perspective of a kid who doesn’t know about good plots and good animation, this movie was absolutely fantastic. It had the childish comedy (of course, mixed in with that adult humor) that made these movies so enjoyable as a kid. You get genuinely sad when Lilo is all alone and you get pumped when they all go into battle. It’s definitely a movie that was fun to watch, whether you’re a child or an adult wanting to relive your childhood a little bit.

To Sum It Up

The Good

From what I went over, I’d have to say the good things about this movie included the story, the cousins, and the enjoyment. Just because the movie is meant for kids, doesn’t mean that adults can’t enjoy it too!

The Bad

So, yeah, maybe the animation had poor, poor quality compared to the original movie, but hey, what doesn’t? Almost all direct-to-tv movies have piss-poor animation. And even if I’m not a huge fan of an annoying rodent for an evil villain, that doesn’t mean he’s a good villain. But that’s just my perspective.


Overall, I gave Leroy & Stitch this rating because I believe they could’ve done better. That doesn’t mean that I hated the movie. I enjoyed it a lot! Just looking at the pickier details that you tend to miss when you’re a kid really takes you for how childish the movie ended up being. But, being a long time fan of the series, I’m certain that one movie with a little bit of bad animation in it won’t ruin my love.

-Kaity D


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