13 Reasons Why Stitch is Like a Younger Brother

So we all know how great Lilo and Stitch are as friends. They’re amazing. As a kid, they were the greatest of friend goals out there. However, looking back on it now, I notice a lot of qualities in their relationship that are similar to how my brother and I act even today. Any girl, or even guy, with a younger brother can relate to these reasons why Stitch represents that younger sibling.

1. He Will Show His True Self When with You


My brother will never admit that he’s a nerd at heart. When he drives with someone else in the car, he’ll listen to popular stations on the radio. When he’s by himself (or with me), he’ll play classical music. Like my brother, Stitch has no problems being himself around Lilo. She tries to bring out every good thing (literally) about Stitch, meanwhile letting his true personality show!

2. You Two Will Have the Best Imaginations


Having a big imagination is probably the number one rule to being a child. Adding another brain to the mix just doubles the fun. My brother and I would always pretend, whether we were Jedi Knights or Timelords floating through time and space. Lilo and Stitch show their imagination constantly, playing out different scenarios (like Dr Lilo, head shrink), because that’s how they view the world!

3. You Both Try to Act Cool in Public


My brother and I never fail to pretend to be the coolest of the cool when we go out in public. Lilo and Stitch act like they’re above everyone else, wearing sunglasses and trying their best to act suave. Stitch goes along with Lilo because who in their right mind would want to look less cool than the person standing next to them?

4. You Have the Ability to Convince Him to do Weird Things


Maybe I never convinced my brother to romance an old lady, but I have made him do some weird things. I did at one point convince him that some dirt I mixed with water was chocolate milk. He wasn’t too happy with me. Especially in the original movie, Lilo convinces Stitch to do a number of things to bring up his good level. Without a doubt, Stitch follows Lilo’s commands bringing him into some weird situations.

5. You Both, Working Together, Have the Power to Guilt Trip Your Parents


I mean, who hasn’t teamed up with their sibling to try to get something you both want? What parent can resist their children politely begging for something they truly desire with the cutest look on their faces? (Mine). Lilo and Stitch try multiple times to get in good graces with Nani so that they can have what they want. Sometimes it works! Other times not so much.

6. He Will Always Gross You Out on Some Level


Younger brothers, no matter where you see them, will be portrayed as the sibling that will always gross out the older sibling, especially if they’re a girl. I personally have this weird issue with stringy cheese, so you can bet that my brother will always be there saying “Hey, look” just as he’s pulling apart a cheesy piece of pizza. With Stitch being an alien disguised as a dog, there’s so many ways for him to gross out Lilo when he wants to annoy her. The prime example as simply licking her.

7. You Can Always Get Him to Do Things Only You Like


The secret to getting your younger brother to do what you want: bribery. Off the top of my head, the best comparison I can think of is when I go get ice cream and the only way I’ll get ice cream from my brother is if he goes with me. He complains about it every second, but he knows that there’s something in it for him at the end. Lilo bribes Stitch constantly, whether it be with coffee or confiscating his plasma guns.

8. You Always Know What Calms Him Down


Whenever my brother his mad, I play this one song that we used to sing together and he can’t help but to smile. Of course, my backup plan is giving him Reese’s peanut butter cups. Lilo is always there for Stitch, helping him when he really needs it. She cheers him up and calms him down in the way that works for him.

9. He’ll Get Mad at You When You Tell Him What to Do



I think everyone knows that telling someone what to do doesn’t always work out the way we want it to. A good majority of the time, my brother would say no simply because it was something I wanted him to do. As well, Stitch is sometimes very stubborn when Lilo tells him what to do. I mean, who wouldn’t be when you’re a super strong alien?

10. He Will Always Try to Steal Your Food


My brother would always try to steal my sweets. It was the absolute worst! Sometimes he would get in trouble, but a lot of the time my parents didn’t believe me (apparently I was a constant liar as a child). Stitch also happens to have a sweet tooth, stealing Lilo’s cake on one of their first nights together. Who does that?

11. Your Main Goal is to Annoy Each Other to No End


I can’t even begin to tell you how many times my brother and I have played out this exact scene. I’m sure my parents were extremely grateful for including this scene in the movie. There were too many moments, still are moments where my brother and I will annoy each other for no reason at all. Lilo and Stitch have these moments quite often throughout the series and they just so happen to make some of the funniest scenes.

12. You Both Love Doing Things that You Both have Interest In


Without a doubt, my brother and I have the most fun together when we’re watching Doctor Who or out at the park playing Pokemon GO (yes we still play it). It’s the things we have together, things that we can share that really make it fun. Lilo and Stitch share a number of things, between hula dancing and catching all of Stitch’s cousins. They share interest and that’s why their friendship is so great.

13. You Guys Will Still Love Each Other No Matter What


Despite the many issues we have with each other, my brother and I both love each other no matter what happens. Lilo and Stitch also have this same bond, loving each other regardless of what happens to them. It’s proved in Stitch has a Glitch, because Lilo brings Stitch back to life purely with her love! It was incredible! I cried. 


Maybe the comparison between Stitch and my brother is why I like Stitch so much, maybe it’s just because he’s great anyways. Lilo and Stitch’s relationship greatly resemble mine and my brothers, or maybe we just copied them, who knows? All I know is that my brother and Stitch do remind me of each other. If anyone could’ve been my brother, I’m glad mine resembled my favorite animated character.

-Kaity D


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